Sunday, August 1, 2010

Next Stop: Nostalgia Cupcakes!

A few weeks ago my family went out to dinner at Charthouse in Annapolis to celebrate my sister and her boyfriend's birthday. After our delicious dinner we went back home to try the cupcakes we picked up earlier in the day.

Nestled in downtown Annapolis right off Main Street, Nostalgia Cupcakes is a cute little modern cupcake shop with many delicious flavors to choose from. We got 5 cupcakes to sample.

The tantalizing flavors we picked were Salted Caramel a moist yellow cake topped with a pool of gooey salted caramel surrounded by chocolate buttercream, Lemoncello which consists of yellow cake and a very tangy lemon buttercream, Red Velvet was a classic red velvet cake with a marshmallow frosting, Little Boy Blue was again yellow cake with a chocolate filling piled high with blue buttercream and Chocolate City Cake which the chocolate lovers dream.
Everyone devoured their cupcake despite being stuffed from dinner!

Nostalgia Cupcakes is located at 188 Main Street Annapolis, MD 21401

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charm City Cupcakes

The first stop on the tour was Charm City Cupcakes, not be confused with Charm City Cakes ! They have many delicious flavors to choose from such as Red Velvet, Turtle and Pina Colada. I chose to get the Turtle, my friends got Chocolate Peanut Butter and Black Bottom

Mine had gooey caramel inside of a chocolate cupcake, it was delicious. My friends said the other were equally as tasty! To some $3 a piece might seem high but it is definitely worth it. I would recommend going early in the day in order to have a better selection of flavors, we went around 4:30 and most flavors were sold out. Next time you are in Mount Vernon be sure to stop by and grab a tasty treat.

Charm City Cupcakes is located at 326 N. Charles Street • Baltimore, MD 21201